If you are a person born between the 90s and the 2000s, you surely cherish toys and memories from your childhood. But there are also other elements that are deeply embedded in your memory and only resurface from time to time.

A TikTok user, @kikillovlogs, has decided to reminisce about our childhood and adolescence by compiling some of the most characteristic elements of that time.

Among them, Messenger stands out, the instant messaging program that allowed us to stay in constant contact with our friends. Nicknames and buzzes became part of our lives.

Mini-games are also mentioned, a platform where we found a large number of absurd video games that made us lose hours and hours without stopping.

Another nostalgic element is the LiveStrong bracelets, which along with the anti-racism bracelets, marked an aesthetic era among children and teenagers. It was hard to resist wearing them and feeling like we were supporting a noble cause.

The video also mentions other iconic elements of that time, such as tazos, Tuenti, Habbo Hotel, Paint, Pokémon, Game Boy Color, spinning tops, PlayStation 2, Cartoon Network, and cookie boxes that kept everything but cookies.

This compilation has reached over 150,000 views on TikTok and has gone viral on Twitter, accumulating nearly 1 million views and dozens of comments.

Reliving these memories generates nostalgia and transports us to a time full of happy and fun moments. It is a reminder of what life was like back then, before technology and social media dominated our daily lives.

Source: @kikillovlogs TikTok, David Lorao (journalist on Twitter)