Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 15 Pro Max, with a strong emphasis on the camera features. However, seeing the potential of these new cameras in the real world is a whole different story.

A video by YouTuber Ryan O’Donnell serves as a good example. In the video, you can notice the motion as Ryan walks, with the 5x lens amplifying that movement. However, when using the new Action Mode, the video stabilizes impressively, making it suitable even for professional needs. All thanks to the A17 Pro chip, which performs real-time stabilization and optimization without any delays.

Examples of this new recording mode have also been shared on Twitter. For instance, Tyler Stalman and Jose Saez-Merino have demonstrated how this recording mode practically eliminates the need for additional accessories to stabilize the iPhone during video recording. Although not perfect, it comes very close to perfection.

It’s important to highlight that the 5x lens is only available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, if you use the 3x lenses on the iPhone 15 Pro and get a bit closer to what you want to capture, you can achieve a similar effect. This is undoubtedly exciting for video recording enthusiasts.

In summary, the new Action Mode and 5x lens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max are revolutionizing the way videos are recorded. Thanks to the real-time stabilization and optimization carried out by the A17 Pro chip, users can achieve cinematic-quality results without the need for additional accessories.

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