Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app has confirmed, through code analysis in its latest update, that the company will name its smart ring “Galaxy Ring” and it will be available to users in the upcoming year 2024.

In March of this year, Samsung filed two new products with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including a smart ring referred to as “Galaxy Ring.” Since July, Samsung has been working on the development of this smart ring in collaboration with the Japanese company Meiko, responsible for providing the components for this new wearable device.

The appearance of the Galaxy Ring in the Galaxy Wearable app was noticed by users on the Korean forum When opening the app’s file, circular silhouette icons resembling a ring were found. Code analysis of the app’s latest update confirmed that the name Galaxy Ring is used to refer to this product, aligning with the registered name in the patent. Furthermore, it was discovered that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Ring in 2024.

The specific app designed for the use of the smart ring will allow users to configure the device and access specific controls. The Galaxy Ring is intended to encompass wearable device categories for tracking, measuring, monitoring, and sending health, fitness, and sleep-related information. To achieve this, it will feature multiple sensors that will collect information and transmit it directly to the user’s smartphone.

This new offering from Samsung in the wearable technology field promises to be a versatile and useful tool for those interested in monitoring and improving their health and well-being. With its planned release for next year, technology enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Galaxy Ring.

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