SISU Cinema Robotics continues to revolutionize the world of robotic camera equipment with its user-friendly cinematic technology. Their latest innovation, the SISU Battery Box, is set to redefine the possibilities of cinematic motion control. This portable power solution offers unprecedented freedom and expands cinematic capabilities by providing over 8 hours of continuous clean power and an impressive 8.7kVA output.

The SISU Battery Box is compatible with all SISU cinema robots, as well as other motion control systems. It not only powers the robots, but also has the ability to charge its own batteries while operating a robotic arm, simply by connecting to a standard outlet. This feature offers filmmakers unparalleled flexibility, allowing them to shoot indefinitely without worrying about power limitations.

One of the main advantages of the SISU Battery Box is its ability to solve a persistent problem in motion control technology: the complex process of organizing voltages, phases, and connections for each shot. With this portable wonder, filmmakers no longer have to waste time and effort on power logistics. The Battery Box is equipped with spare 120V circuits, true sinusoidal AC power, and sturdy wheels, making it incredibly versatile and easy to use.

The SISU Battery Box is a must-have for motion control enthusiasts who want to pursue their creativity anywhere, whether inside the studio or on an outdoor location. Its simplicity and ease of use set a new standard for cinematic robotics. Pre-orders for the Battery Box are already available, allowing filmmakers to secure the shortest possible wait time to own this transformative technology.

SISU Cinema Robotics specializes in making impossible visions possible in a fraction of the time. Their devices provide real-time control over powerful robotic equipment, offering unprecedented control, mobility, and power. Embrace the future of film production with the SISU Battery Box and discover a new level of cinematic freedom.

– SISU Cinema Robotics