This year, PlayStation has released a minimal number of games, leaving fans of the brand somewhat unsatisfied. In addition to the expansion of Horizon Forbidden West and the upcoming release of Spider-Man 2 in October, the company has placed a strong emphasis on games as a service, which has made some people uncomfortable.

During a previous showcase, several games were presented that focused on offering a free entry but required additional payments to continue advancing and expanding the experience. This represents an abrupt change in Sony’s philosophy, as they were previously leaders in offering single-player experiences.

According to reports from Bloomberg, the company is not achieving the expected results in this console generation. Furthermore, the news that Jim Ryan will leave his position as CEO has raised concerns since there are no clear plans for major games beyond Marvel’s Wolverine and possibly the third installment of The Last of Us, which is still in its early stages.

Sony is taking its new business model seriously, with 12 games in development, six of which have already been showcased. The remaining games are expected to feature recognized names from the brand’s franchises, suggesting the possible inclusion of Horizon Zero Dawn. It has also been reported that the brand will release a multiplayer game in the coming weeks.

It is concerning that PlayStation has decided to follow this path, which has not been well-received by the brand’s own fans. It is hoped that the new CEO will make better decisions and prioritize single-player experiences once again.

Sources: Bloomberg