Apple has released the official version of iOS 17, introducing a series of new features that will completely change the way we interact with our iPhones. Among the most notable updates are the Resting Mode for the lock screen, the new interactive widgets, and the Contact Posters.

These new features offer greater customization and ease of use for iPhone users. The interactive widgets allow direct interaction on the home screen, whether it’s completing tasks from a list or performing specific actions in apps like Home.

The Resting Mode, on the other hand, offers a new display for the lock screen when the iPhone is in horizontal orientation. It makes the most of screen dimensions and shows elements such as widgets, date, time, images, and more, providing quick and accessible information.

With the arrival of iOS 17, many apps on the App Store have taken advantage of these new features and released updates to offer support for Resting Mode and interactive widgets. Some of these apps include:

– Widgetsmith: A popular app that allows customization of the iPhone home screen with eye-catching widget designs.

– Timery: An app that allows managing and storing different types of timers for easy access at all times.

– Things 3: One of the best task management apps, which now offers interactive widgets to complete tasks from the home screen.

– Carrot Weather: A weather information app that provides accurate data with an intuitive and visual interface.

– Please Don’t Rain: An app that has been updated to include a Resting Mode widget and a redesigned user interface.

– Calory: One of the top calorie tracking apps, which now includes interactive widgets to analyze progress directly from the home screen.

– Focus: A concentration app that allows users to start concentration timers with just one tap from the home screen.

– Crouton: An app for managing cooking recipes, which now features live activities and widgets for Resting Mode.

– Fantastical Calendar: One of the most popular calendar apps, which now allows interaction with widgets on the home screen to organize appointments and events.

These are just a few of the apps that have updated their features to offer support for the new iOS 17 characteristics. Undoubtedly, these updates provide users with a more complete and customizable experience on their Apple devices.

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