Former general manager of Bioware, Aaryn Flynn, has shared his opinion on why Mass Effect Andromeda was considered a failure both in terms of critics and sales. According to Flynn, two key factors contributed to this outcome.

Firstly, after the huge success of Mass Effect 3, which sold over 7 million copies, Bioware had the ambition to surpass those figures with Andromeda. The fourth installment of the franchise took advantage of the technology of the PS4 and Xbox One, but it failed to meet the commercial expectations of Electronic Arts, selling only 5 million copies.

Flynn attributed this result to the difficult situation Bioware was facing at that time. The studio was trying to handle its own ambition, the demands of EA, and was also working on Dragon Age Inquisition at the same time. The pressure to achieve success was a challenge for the development team.

The second key factor, according to Flynn, is that Mass Effect Andromeda should have focused more on multiplayer. While the game had its own multiplayer mode, it failed to capture the same attention and excitement as the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3. Flynn points out that players loved the multiplayer mode of the third game and that this would have been a huge boost for Bioware in 2017, when multiplayer games were booming.

Despite its criticisms, Flynn acknowledges that Mass Effect Andromeda is still considered a good role-playing and space action game. However, it failed to live up to the expectations of a franchise like Mass Effect.

Currently, Bioware is working on the fourth installment of Dragon Age and on Mass Effect 5, of which only a teaser has been released. The studio had to let go of the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is now in the hands of another studio.

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