The iPhone 15 Pro has faced criticism due to overheating issues, but it appears that the reason behind this situation has finally been discovered. While it was believed that the culprit was Apple’s new A17 Pro processor, this is not the case. In reality, the responsibility lies in the internal distribution of the device.

Renowned Apple device leaker, Kuo, has revealed in his blog that the problem stems from the cooling system and the use of titanium in the iPhone 15 Pro. According to Kuo, the heat dissipation area is minimal and the use of titanium instead of materials like stainless steel or aluminum reduces heat dissipation efficiency.

Although the A17 Pro processor is not directly responsible for the overheating, it is likely that Apple will release updates to address this issue. However, since it is a physical problem, Apple may have to limit the power of the processor to mitigate overheating.

In summary, the cause of the overheating in iPhone 15 Pro is not the A17 Pro processor, but rather the internal distribution of the device, including the cooling system and the use of titanium. Apple is likely to take steps to address this problem, although it may involve a reduction in the device’s performance.