Renowned Spanish streamer, TheGrefg, has once again sparked controversy, but this time not for his demands during the Velada del Año 4. This time, he lost control during a Twitch stream while celebrating one of his team, Saiyans FC’s, victories in the Kings Cup.

The moment was captured in a TikTok video by user @messirvekekw, where TheGrefg can be seen completely losing his composure. The streamer made obscene gestures and unleashed a series of screams and insults towards the other participants of the ChupChup program, which aired before the second day of the Kings and Queens League.

The video quickly went viral, prompting TheGrefg to apologize, albeit in his own way. “Sorry, I got carried away by the excitement,” explained the streamer. However, a few days later, he overreacted again to a goal by Saiyans FC, sparking controversy among viewers.

Despite the criticism, it is important to note that some presidents and founders of other clubs have also celebrated in a similar manner during these recent rounds of the Kings Cup and Queens Cup.

In terms of the standings in the Kings Cup and Queens Cup, in Group A of the Kings Cup, Ultimate Móstoles and Jijantes FC are leading with 6 points each, closely followed by Los Troncos FC and Porcinos FC with 3 points each. Meanwhile, in Group B, Aniquiladores FC is at the top with 6 points, followed by El Barrio with 4 points.

On the other hand, in the Queens Cup, PIO FC is leading Group A with 6 points, followed by Saiyans FC with 4 points. In Group B, 1K FC is in first place with 6 points, followed by Kunitas with 5 points.

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