In the gaming industry, Microsoft has launched Project Uther, an update to the Xbox Series X console exclusively dedicated to the digital format. This new version has generated mixed opinions among players, with some applauding its lower cost and efficiency, while others question its impact on game ownership and the second-hand market.

One of the advantages of adopting a digital console like Project Uther is its more affordable price. By eliminating the Blu-ray disc drive, production costs are reduced, resulting in a more accessible final price for consumers. Additionally, the simplicity of use is another advantage, as navigation becomes smoother and more convenient, with the entire game catalog just a few clicks away, without the need to change discs. Finally, the compact design is also a positive point, as it doesn’t require space for a disc drive, allowing the console to have a sleeker design and take up less space.

However, there are also drawbacks to the new all-digital Xbox Series X. A stable internet connection is required to purchase, download, and play games, which limits its usability in areas without internet access. Furthermore, the lack of support for physical games limits purchasing options, especially for those who prefer physical stores or the second-hand market. Additionally, the absence of physical games eliminates the possibility of reselling or trading them, which may be inconvenient for players who prefer a more tangible control over their collection.

In summary, the decision to choose Project Uther will depend on the preferences and needs of each user. If saving money and convenience are prioritized, this digital version can be an excellent option. However, for those who value game ownership and traditional purchasing options, it may be advisable to maintain some distance from this new concept.

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