Ginés Marín triumphed with a great performance and suffered an injury to his right hand. He delivered a remarkable bullfight with the sixth bull of the afternoon. Despite the animal’s propensity to turn inwards, the bullfighter skillfully guided its attacks and executed a high-quality natural toreo. The performance was concluded with a half sword thrust, earning Marín two well-deserved ears.

However, the third bull of the afternoon had to return to the corrals due to its lack of strength. Another bull was released in its place, but it also lacked the necessary spirit and force. Despite this, Ginés Marín managed to extract moments of good taste and finished the performance with tight bernardinas. Although he couldn’t achieve the desired thrust, he received applause from the audience after the warning.

Unfortunately, after the death of the third bull, Ginés Marín had to be taken to the infirmary. During the final moments of the bullfight, he was struck by a horn in his right hand, resulting in an injury similar to a cut. He was treated and operated on in the infirmary, but that didn’t stop him from returning to confront the sixth bull.

Despite the injury, Ginés Marín delivered an outstanding performance, showcasing his skills as a bullfighter with a natural toreo. His bravery and dedication were recognized by the audience, earning him two more ears.