Unity, the company behind the popular game development engine, has announced policy changes in response to the controversy generated last week. The changes aim to appease industry outrage and regain the trust of developers.

Although Unity has not made an official announcement yet, leaked information from Bloomberg reveals that the changes include capping fees at 4% for revenues up to one million dollars. Additionally, the number of installations will no longer be counted retroactively, and Unity will rely on data provided by developers instead of proprietary tools.

While these changes may pacify developers who use Unity in their projects, they do not solve the problem of the company’s loss of trust. Many employees have expressed concern over how Unity plans to regain credibility among developers.

Unity CEO, John Riccitiello, admitted that these changes represent a “massive transformative shift” in the company’s business model. However, he also acknowledged that they could have done many things better.

Rebuilding the trust of developers will be a significant challenge for Unity. The company will need to work on maintaining transparent communication and ensuring that their usage policies are fair and beneficial for their customers. Only time will tell if these changes succeed in repairing the damaged relationship with the gaming industry.

– Bloomberg