The University of Maryland (UMD) has announced the inauguration of the National Quantum Laboratory (QLab) in partnership with IonQ, a leader in the quantum computing industry. QLab provides researchers, students, and professionals direct access to state-of-the-art quantum computers. Located in UMD’s Discovery District, QLab aims to build the next generation of talent and innovation in the quantum field, establishing the region as the Quantum Capital.

With an investment of nearly $20 million, QLab is attracting researchers, students, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and others to explore how quantum computers can enhance machine learning and artificial intelligence, materials discovery, supply chain logistics, climate change modeling, cybersecurity, and more. As a node in the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance (MARQI), QLab is accelerating the development of quantum network capabilities.

UMD President Darryll J. Pines states, “QLab enhances our competitive edge for the state and our region as we attract innovators from around the world to collaborate with us and share resources.” UMD is a leading institution in quantum science and engineering, working closely with federal agencies and laboratories. The university has over 200 quantum researchers, eight centers focused on quantum, and a wide range of educational offerings in the quantum field.

QLab is an extension of UMD’s partnership with IonQ, a company founded in part by UMD researchers. IonQ CEO Peter Chapman emphasizes the importance of collaboration between industry and academia in advancing quantum research and development, and expects to achieve an advanced quantum system with significant advantages over classical computing.

The Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance (MQA) enables strong regional collaborations, and IonQ will be sharing new advances in quantum computing at the World Quantum Congress to be held on September 27th and 28th.