Vizio has unveiled its latest TV, the Quantum Pro, which offers a range of impressive features at an affordable price. With the Quantum Pro, Vizio aims to provide the best available features for LED LCD TVs while keeping costs low. This follows Vizio’s successful strategy last year with the MQX series.

The Quantum Pro comes in a 65-inch size starting at $700 and a 75-inch size at $999. These prices are exceptionally competitive for full array local dimming TVs, which enhance contrast by selectively turning on and off different parts of the image. The 65-inch model features 40 dimming zones, while the 75-inch model has 80, offering precise contrast.

In addition to local dimming, the Quantum Pro boasts quantum colors and a 120Hz refresh rate, enabling a better gaming experience. It can handle a 4K 120Hz input from gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Additionally, the TV can even display a 240Hz refresh rate when a 1080p signal is inputted, making it a great choice for avid gamers using high-performance PC video cards.

The Quantum Pro’s stand is adjustable, allowing users to accommodate a soundbar and raise the TV to their desired height. However, the standout feature of the Quantum Pro remains its affordable price, positioning it to compete with high-end models and mini LED TVs in the market. The popular MQX series from the previous year will be replaced by the new Quantum Pro, except for the 50-inch model, which will still be available.

Vizio has also introduced lower-tier models for 2023. The Quantum series, without the “Pro” designation, offers a range of sizes including 55, 65, and 75 inches. While these models lack full array local dimming, they still offer a gaming feature that allows displaying a 1080p signal at a 120Hz refresh rate, reducing input lag and providing a faster update.

It is important to note that the Quantum Pro has not been reviewed yet, but initial impressions from a demonstration held on a bus at CNET’s lab facilities suggest promising performance. Consumers can expect the Quantum Pro to hit shelves soon, allowing them to experience Vizio’s latest offering firsthand.

Sources: CNET