In the past few hours, an impressive medieval war title has arrived on Steam, quickly becoming one of the biggest trends. Warhaven is a fantasy medieval PvP war game for large teams, released on September 20, 2023, by Nexon, and has become very popular among players.

Warhaven’s dynamic close combat rewards both new recruits and veteran players. The game offers a roster of unique soldiers, each with their own motivations to fight under the banner of Warhaven. Players can lead their squad into battle and embody a powerful Immortal.

Before each battle, it is important to coordinate with the squad and utilize tactics to outsmart the enemies. The goal is to fight for control of the strongholds and the powerful war engines. Any player can embody an Immortal powerful enough to change the flow of the battle.

Warhaven has been designed in a way that both beginners and more experienced players can enjoy the game. Controlling the weapon and defending oneself is as simple as clicking with the mouse, but those players who desire an additional challenge can discover the true potential of the nuanced and fast-paced combat of the game.

Since its launch just one day ago, Warhaven has already gathered over 10,000 players on Steam, making it one of the most popular games on the platform.

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