WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application, is preparing for a redesign that will give a fresh and modern look to its user interface. According to leaks, the new version of WhatsApp will include changes in colors and the layout of elements on the main screen.

The new design of WhatsApp is characterized by a more vibrant and eye-catching color scheme, making it visually appealing. Furthermore, it is rumored that the application will adopt a more minimalist style, with larger and more spaced-out elements, making reading and navigation easier.

One of the standout features is the relocation of the voice and video call buttons, which will now be placed at the bottom of the screen, next to the chat button. This will allow quick access to these functions without having to switch screens.

Another significant change is the addition of a search bar at the top of the screen, making it easier to search for contacts and conversations. Additionally, the application is expected to include an advanced search function, allowing users to filter results by message type or content.

These updates are part of WhatsApp’s efforts to remain one of the most popular and competitive messaging applications in the market. The new design is expected to be available soon for Android and iOS users.

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