WhatsApp has officially announced the launch of channels in Spain, a feature that has been available on Telegram since 2017. Due to the popularity of WhatsApp in the country, this function will serve as an ideal space to receive news from fashion brands, interesting facts about football teams, and stay updated with the latest technological developments.

Telegram has used channels for various purposes, providing an excellent way to stay informed on any topic. However, with millions of Spaniards using WhatsApp, accessing all kinds of information becomes easier for people of all ages. This is a pivotal point for the platform, which continues to gain points in maintaining its status as one of the essential applications in the country.

Currently, there are already numerous channels on WhatsApp covering different topics, producing daily content. To access them, users need to have the latest version of the application from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once updated, a dedicated tab for news can be found at the bottom of the screen.

It is in this section where channels merge with status updates, allowing access to content provided by WhatsApp contacts as well as brands, organizations, cooperatives, schools, or universities. While it is not currently possible to create channels, Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has announced that anyone will be able to create them in the coming days or weeks. The option for channel creation is already available but not yet activated.

To create a channel, users should navigate to the news section, then the channel section, and click on the ‘+’ button. Once enabled, a channel can be created by accepting the terms of service, choosing a name, description, and image (channels can be public or private). The process is similar to creating groups or communities on WhatsApp, with the difference that content is sent in a unidirectional manner, allowing users to react with emojis or vote in polls.

Accessing channels on WhatsApp is done similarly through the news section. There, users can view the channels they have subscribed to and also have the option to search for channels in various categories such as most popular, new, or an overview. By taking just a few minutes, users can discover high-quality channels such as Netflix with 8.7 million subscribers, FC Barcelona with 6.9 million, Mark Zuckerberg with 3.5 million, or the World Health Organization (WHO) with 2.3 million.

– El Androide Libre: [link to source article]