This week has been full of software updates for consumers, both on macOS Sonoma and Windows. In the case of Windows, version 22H2 is receiving an interesting update called Moment 4, which adds new functions and features. Although it was expected that this update would include the arrival of Copilot, a new artificial intelligence functionality, unfortunately it has not been the case for European users.

According to Microsoft’s official blog, Copilot has not received approval from regulatory authorities in Europe, so users who have installed this update will see a shortcut on the taskbar that will not work. Instead of opening the Copilot functionality, a blank screen will open in Edge. It is unknown whether this feature will arrive in a later patch or if we will have to wait for the 23H2 update.

In addition to Copilot, the update also brings other important innovations. The Windows 11 file explorer has been redesigned with a new design based on WinUI. Now, the address bar will allow easy access to local folders and OneDrive. A details panel has also been added, which displays useful information about selected files, such as the creation and modification date.

As for the native system applications, Paint and ClipChamp have also received improvements thanks to artificial intelligence. In Paint, a content generation function has been added through user-entered text. On the other hand, ClipChamp can automatically generate videos from photos and videos selected by the user on their timeline.

The update also includes a new cloud backup feature, editing tools in the Photos app, improvements to the Narrator function, screen recording with microphone and audio support in the Snip & Sketch app, and accessibility improvements, including the ability to correct typos in a text using voice commands.

In summary, the Windows 11 22H2 Moment 4 update brings various improvements and innovations to users’ devices, although the highly anticipated Copilot functionality is not available for Europeans due to a lack of regulatory approval.

– Microsoft’s official blog