Xbox has revealed the second wave of games that will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in September. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, as well as PC and iOS and Android mobile devices through cloud gaming. In total, six new titles will be added to the catalog, with the first one already available.

The games being added in this second wave are:

– Lies of P (Xbox, PC, and cloud) – Available now
– Party Animals (Xbox and cloud) – September 20
– Payday 3 (Xbox Series X/S, PC, and cloud) – September 21
– Cocoon (Xbox and PC) – September 29
– Gotham Knights (Xbox Series X/S, PC, and cloud) – October 3
– The Lamplighter’s League (Xbox Series X/S, PC, and cloud) – October 3

In addition to the new games, Xbox has also announced the titles that will no longer be available on Xbox Game Pass starting September 30. A total of seven games will be removed from the catalog.

Xbox Game Pass continues to expand its catalog with new games to offer subscribers a wide variety of options. Players will be able to enjoy titles of different genres and styles on their Xbox consoles, as well as on PC and mobile devices.

With the arrival of these new games, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can immerse themselves in exciting and fun-filled worlds. Furthermore, Xbox maintains a steady flow of games by regularly adding new additions.

It is important to mention that while new games are added to the catalog, some titles will also be removed. This is because licensing agreements may have a limited duration. Therefore, it is recommended to take the opportunity to enjoy these games before they are removed.

In summary, Xbox Game Pass is expanding its catalog with six new games in September, offering players even more options to enjoy. However, seven games will also be removed from the catalog starting September 30. Seize the opportunity to play these titles before they disappear!

(Source: Xbox Official Blog)