Robotics Plus, a New Zealand agricultural company, has unveiled Prospr, an autonomous hybrid multipurpose vehicle designed to improve efficiency and reduce labor dependency in orchard and vineyard tasks. Prospr is equipped with interchangeable tools, such as tower sprayers for grapes, apples, or tree crops, and multiple vehicles can collaborate to complete tasks. The vehicle uses perception systems to detect the environment, enabling data-driven insights.

Prospr will be showcased at the FIRA 2023 event, focusing on autonomous agriculture and robotic solutions in agriculture. According to Steve Saunders, co-founder and CEO of Robotics Plus, Prospr addresses the challenges faced by the agricultural industry in sustainable food production with reduced emissions and costs. Prospr’s modular architecture allows for the connection of different tools for various crop types and applications, maximizing return on investment.

Dr. Alistair Scarfe, co-founder and Head of Engineering at Robotics Plus, highlighted the technological advancements of Prospr, including a redesigned tool platform, new spraying accessories, and an improved user interface. The vehicle’s hybrid power and traction system reduce fuel consumption by over 70% compared to traditional diesel tractors.

Prospr’s compact size, single-direction configuration, and lightweight design provide superior maneuverability and soil compaction reduction. Robotics Plus is partnering with industry leaders to develop different technologies for Prospr, starting with a collaboration with Croplands for spraying technology. The Q series sprayers, developed by Robotics Plus and Croplands, offer a variety of spraying configurations for different crop types.

Safety and management features include a mesh network for improved connectivity, an organization tool to streamline work and coordination among team members. Prospr can be controlled and managed remotely using desktop and mobile devices.

Prospr is now available for commercial purchase at Robotics Plus. For more information or to place an order, please visit their website.

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