Payday 3, the highly anticipated multiplayer game, has encountered server issues since its release, causing frustration among players. The game requires a permanent internet connection not only for online content but also for offline modes. Players looking to play solo must connect to matchmaking servers to initiate private heists, but the difficulty in connecting to these servers has resulted in long wait queues. Consequently, Payday 3 has received an overall «mostly negative» rating on Steam.

Players have expressed their discontent with the server problems. One user lamented, «Imagine waiting for an hour and ten minutes and still being unable to enter a private match.» Another disgruntled player stated, «The lack of an offline mode is a real nuisance for us solo players. Waiting in queues and encountering lag just to play solo is distressing.»

It is not uncommon for multiplayer game releases to experience server issues, which are usually resolved as demand stabilizes in the weeks following the launch. However, the online infrastructure of Payday 3 has disappointed some players. Thankfully, the game’s developers have announced that they are working diligently to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

In our thorough analysis, when Payday 3 functions as intended, it is a highly enjoyable game that provides hours of fun with friends, whether attempting heists with subtlety or engaging in intense gunplay. The gameplay improvements, particularly in stealth mechanics and gunplay, along with the addition of new heists, are impressive. However, the game currently lacks sufficient content. This aspect is expected to change in the future with the release of updates and paid DLC, but for those who are only looking to play casually or have been playing the second installment for years, Payday 3 may fall short for now.

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