Metro de Santiago Expansion Continues

Metro de Santiago Expansion Continues

Metro de Santiago has announced that in addition to the construction of lines 3 and 6, the company is also in the process of extending line 2 and has launched studies into the construction of line 4, connecting Providencia in the east of the town of city to Puente Alto.

The announcement was made by the new transport minister Andrés Gómez-Lobo, who has stressed the importance of continued investment in public transportation.

Line 3 is expected to benefit 660,000 residents, travelling 22km, serving 18 stations and with a total cost of US$1.72 billion.

Line 6 will cost around US$1.06 billion, and travel from Providencia to Cerrillos. The 15.3km line 6 project will serve 870,000 inhabitants and will have 10 stations.

President Michelle Bachelet has committed to continuing the work of her predecessor Sebastián Piñera, who launched a plan to invest US$22.5 billion on improving transport in Santiago by 2025. As part of the plan, US$10.9 billion was proposed for rail and metro projects in the next 10 years.