Lima Metro Line 2 Expected To Be Operational By 2021

Lima Metro Line 2 Expected To Be Operational By 2021

In spite of a number of setbacks, the $5,500 million dollar project to open Lima’s 2nd metro line is expected to into service during the first quarter of 2021.

Deputy Transport Minister Henry Zaira, explains they are facing problems surveying the soil but have adjusted their deadline now that work is expected to take place 24 hours a day.

“We are conducting work around the clock and have advanced 2,290 meters of the 5,000 needed to complete the project…” the deputy minister said.

Carmen Deulofeu, general manager of the concession company in charge of the construction of the line, explained that work is progressing at an average of 40 meters of digging daily.

The structure will have the capacity, to withstand 2,500 years of use according to a study conducted by the University of California in Berkeley, going over the originally planned amount of 475 years.

“We originally expected it to weather 475 year of use, we have now increased that by more than 1000 years. This type of resistant is similar to that of earthquake measuring 9, after tests conducted by the University of Berkley, we can now estimate the structure will resist for 2500 years” she adds.

The project of Line 2 of Lima’s Metro is the first subway to be built in the country and the goal is to move around one million passengers per day, but as far as is known still cannot start building stations lack of approval of the Municipality of Lima.

AATE, ProInversion and Metro Lima will present and support Metro LatAm 2017, which will be taking place in Lima in April 2017.