Subte replace 'the oldest rolling stock in the world'

Subte replace ‘the oldest rolling stock in the world’

Subterráneos de Buenos Aires (SBASE) today announced the modernization of 70% of its fleet of rolling stock, purchasing 402 new cars and upgrading 300 current cars.

The SBAS Director, Juan Pablo Piccardo, reported that 105 cars had already been acquired for Line A, 73 for Line B, 120 for Line H, 30 for Line C, 24 for Line D and 50 cars for Line E.

He also explained that maintenance was underway for 300 existing cars, to avoid breakdown and minimize service interruption.

He explained that “these decisions were taken as part of the ‘Plan de Material Rodante’ (Rolling Stock Plan), which consists of heavy investment, renovation and maintenance in order to improve service frequency and passenger comfort”.

“We are looking to return value to the metro after years of under-investment, however, the improvements launched by the city can not have an impact overnight. We have started and we will continue to do everything we can to reverse the deterioration of the subway, which has occured over the years”, Piccardo asserted.

Piccardo noted that ‘Subte’ has “the world’s oldest fleet, with an average age of nearly 50 years, with 100 year old cars, damaged trains, maintenance arreras, obsolete technology, and only 64% of the 565 cars available for use”.

Improvements have already been made, with 80% of the fleet now available for use.

Despite the upgrades, Piccardo insists, “it is important that users know that this will be a slow process, between 2014 and 2015 we will see the new stock in service”.

As well as upgrading rolling stock, work has begun to clean cars, repair stations, remove graffiti, and introduce new benches, trash cans and lamps.

“We have pledged to recover and restore the subway service that users deserve, we know we have a lot to do, but we have begun”, Piccardo concluded.