Valencia Metro To Inaugurate Line 2 In 2015

Valencia Metro To Inaugurate Line 2 In 2015

The Venezuelan government have announced that the first two stations of Line 2 will be complete within the next six months, with the project expected to increase ridership from 62,000 to 150,000 passengers per day in the countries third largest city.

Victor Moreno, president of Metro Valencia CA, reported that the first two of the projected nine stations are nearing completion. Once completed, the project will run from north to south, substantially increasing the capacity and coverage of the cities transport network.

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro approved a further US$165 million towards the project this year, and Moreno has guaranteed the completion and success of the important project in the Carabobo state. He explained that the construction of line two has created 1,300 new jobs directly and 4,000 indirectly, with 980 Metro Valencia C.A employees also contributing to the project.

“The Metro becomes a great solution for Valencia. The ultimate goal is the union between the north and south of the city and we hope to move 150,000 passengers per day once the first two stations of line 2 are put into commission”, Montero explained.

He also noted that some stretches of North Bolivar avenue, which had been closed as part of the construction, would soon be reopened, as works were nearing completion.

“By the end of this year we will open up some of the Bolivar Avenue. We are reviewing our plans and projects, we are adapting some of them to free up sectors of this important arterial road”.