Venezuelan initiatives to tackle Caracas congestion

Venezuelan initiatives to tackle Caracas congestion

The Venezuelan Ministry of Land Transport has launched a number of key projects and initiatives to reduce urban congestion and enhance the cities transport networks.

Minister of Transport Haiman El Troudi this week announced the construction of 17 suburban and 5 urban transport terminals in Caracas, to improve the cities transport networks.

He explained that terminal ‘La Bandera’ would be relocated to ‘Parque Hugo Chavez’ in ‘La Rinconada’ while the Eastern Terminal would now be located in ‘Guatire’.

“We have been making progress. The ‘Macarao’ terminal was opened recently as well as the Tuy River terminal. Interchanges are being introduced to the system at Metro stations as part of the new construction,” El Troudi explained, as outlined the ‘Plan de Movilidad para Caracas’ project.

The project aims to increase public transport ridership and reduce journey times, with dedicated public transport corridors under development, which will be used exclusively for mass transit.

The development of counterflow channels for peak hours, and the promotion of VAO’s (‘Vehículos de Alta Ocupación’ or high-occupancy vehicles) has also been unveiled. In addition, the outer city parking has been developed and incorporated into the cities transport network. The aim is that commuters will leave their car at outskirts of Caracas, and take public transport into the city centre.

“We have already established the first parking lot in ‘Los Teques’, ‘the Ali Primera’. We are now constructing two more approved resources. One of them with the street government, in ‘Los Cerritos’, in the ‘Panamericana’, and other next to the ‘Independencia’ station” the Minister outlined.

Another proposal to reduce congestion, which at present is yet to be implemented, is to introduce a staggered working hours at workplaces in the city centre. While the return of ‘Pico y Placa’, where car users can only drive during rush hour on alternate days, has also be proposed.

Finally, recent government proposals include the expansion of the cities dedicated bike routes, which were first introduced in the Caracas’ municipality of ‘Libertador’ by Mayor Jorge Rodriguez’. The bike path is scheduled for construction in the ‘Parque de Hugo Chavez’, which the feasibility of dedicated motorcycle routes is also under consideration.

El Troudi closed by noting that the city was looking to establish a dedicated infrastructure maintenance organization, to asses the proposed upgrades and work to ensure the completion of the projects.