Santo Domingo Metro Increases Ridership by 9.4% In 2014

Santo Domingo Metro Increases Ridership by 9.4% In 2014

The Office for the Reorganization of Transport Operations (OPRET) explained that Santo Domingo Metro generated 400 thousand million pesos in 2014, serving 60 million users, with the costs supported by a 700 million government subsidy.

Engineer Leonel Carrasco, official spokesman for the organisation, explained that there was a 9.4% increase in ridership when compared to 2013, which he attributes to increased user confidence in the transport system.

Carrasco explained that Line 1 of the Metro transported a daily average of 140,000 people, while Line 2 served 70,000 users, totalling 210,000 per day. The official noted that the total for Line 2 is expected to increase significantly following the completion of the easterly extension, which is currently under construction.

He was keen to emphasise the confidence Dominican society had in the Metro system, despite the attack of 27 October, when a man started a fire onboard a train close to the President Vásquez station. Mr. Carrasco explained that while the event was shocking and drew a lot of negative attention, the Metro responded quickly; working with the emergency services, helping passengers and restoring service in less than one hour.

OPRET have justified the government subsidy on the grounds that the metro has helped millions of people to get to their places of work and study, which is only possible as a result of the metro, given the alternatives may be more costly or less viable.

Carrasco noted that during school term ridership increases significantly, with the Metro the chosen form of transportation for students at schools and universities such as the Autonóma de Santo Domingo, Dominicana (O&M), Apec, Tecnológica de Santiago, Evangélica Nacional, Unibe, Eugenio María de Hostos, Dominico Americano, among others.