Lima Mayor Confirms Monorail Project Is Dependant On Private Funding

Lima Mayor Confirms Monorail Project Is Dependant On Private Funding

Luis Castañeda Lossio, the mayor of the Peruvian capital, has confirmed that the metropolitan municipality will be unable to fund the cities proposed monorail network, and the project must solely funded through private investment if it is to proceed.

“What happens is that there will have to be private initiatives in regards to this, there are discussions and hopefully it be fruitful as the municipality does not have the economic capacity to do this, we all know it and we know it very well”, the mayor of Lima explained.

The viability of the project linking Lima and Callao had been heavily questioned by last year’s mayoral candidate Enrique Cornejo, and Lossio has now publicly announced that public funding will not be allocated for the project.

Despite this, the mayor insists that the project remains a viable candidate for private investment, and that the state will support transport solutions to ease links between Lima and the Callao municipality.

“I am inviting private investment, I think that’s very important because we are looking to build the transport network. In that regard, we are taking big steps, we are already in discussion with the Ministry of Transport, with the mayor of Callao and the Municipality of Lima to create a synergy to support improving traffic and transport” he explained.

He said the Monorail is an option within a range of solutions for the transport system in the capital of Peru.

“I’m inviting private investment, I think that is extremely important because we are having all mesh transport” he said.

The capital’s mayor also explained that he and his colleagues have been overseeing the ‘blue corridor’ project, constructing the Santa Rosa tunnel and providing direct road links between the Rímac and San Juan de Lurigancho districts of the city.

“The tunnels of Santa Rosa and San Martin are works that will deliver transit fluidity” Lossio affirmed.