Santo Domingo, Now One Of The World's Few Financially Self-Sustaining Metros

Santo Domingo, Now One Of The World’s Few Financially Self-Sustaining Metros

With 230,000 passengers per day, the Santo Domingo Metro now generates $US27.8 million per year, which is enough to ensure the network operates at a profit without any government subsidy.

During the lines initial lines of operation, the government subsidized operation and maintenance with a $US25 million annual contribution. According to the Transport Reorgnization Office (Opret), the system is now one of only two fully self-sustaining railway transit systems in the world.

Opret Director Diandino Peña explained, “the Metro system is a safe, fast, massive, convenient transportation, and is currently the second metro in the world that generates resources, only by way of fares, sufficient enough to sustain.”

The director also was keen to note that this balancing of the books has not come by overcharging passengers or relying heavily on addition revenue sources, and instead by ensuring very efficient operations and minimal expenses.

He explained that, “we´re making just 0.45 cents (RD$20) while in New York the minimum is two US dollars (RD$90); and still with that income via tickets only, without entering the exploitation phase of the business side and selling ads, we are already reaching a balance”.