Odebrecht Receives Final Approval To Begin Work on Panama Metro Line 2 Project

Odebrecht Receives Final Approval To Begin Work on Panama Metro Line 2 Project

The Minister for Canal Affairs and the Chairman of Metro de Panama, Roberto Roy, this week presented an official order signaling approval to proceed with the construction of Line 2 of the Panama Metro, a project which will be managed by a Brazilian-Spanish consortium led by Odebrecht.

Metro de Panama chairman Roberto Roy delivered the news on Monday 14 September to Marcos Tepedino, manager of the construction consortium.

Roy affirmed his commitment to provide residents of the sector a transport solution quickly and safely, which will deliver direct, integrated rail link with the San Miguelito station on Line 1.

Line 2 will run from San Miguelito to Nuevo Tocumen, in the eastern suburbs of the city. The route journey will take around 35 minutes and, according to Roy, should help to improve the quality of life of over 500,000 Panamanians.

Tepedino has noted that construction will provide a number of challenge that they organization will work to overcome in the coming 44 months, beginning work Tuesday 8 Septmember.

The works schedule will include roundtable discussions with contractors to discuss the methodology used in the construction of the works.

The initial route will run 21km along an elevated track, with 16 stations. The initial capacity will be 16,000 passengers per hour in each direction, with 21 trains of 5 cars each. There will be a maximum capacity of 40,000 passengers per hour at peak time.

The Line 2 Consortium is composed of Norberto Odebrecht SA and FCC Construction SA from Spain.

Approval was given for the contract to construct Line 2 on from the Panamanian Controller General on 3 September, after the Brazilian-Spanish consortium won the tender on 20 May with a financial offer of US$1,857 million.

Odebrecht and FCC completed the construction of the 16km Line 1 at a cost of US$2,100 million, which was put into operation in April 2014.

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