Petro Guarantees September Completion For Bogota Metro Study

Petro Guarantees September Completion For Bogota Metro Study

Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro Urrego explained this week that the design study for the Bogota Metro is 75% complete and will be ready for September, while also noting the increase in bicycle use and broader improvements to public infrastructure.

The Bogota mayor’s comments came during the presentation of the 2013 Quality of Life Report which was presented at the Colombian capitals Chamber of Commerce. The news was well received in the Bogota capital, as in June it was thought that amendments to the route would delay the presentation of the final report.

“We will deliver the metro design study in September, something that has never been previously completed in Bogota, and this is an important step in its construction. We now want to discuss whether the government will support the metro in the capital. In Medellin they have a metro and a tram because they work towards a shared good”, Petro explained.

“Amendments made to ‘Pico y Placa’ (peak hour car usage restriction scheme) has helped to improve the quality of life for the citizens. Dedicated bus lanes have also proved to be a success. There are journeys that in 2012 took on average 72 minutes which can now be completed in 2013 in 64.8 minutes”, Petro added, referring to the findings of the study.

“We went from 121 designited cycle routes to 374, these are policies designed to improve mobility and reduce the use of private cars”, the mayor noted.

Last week Petro announced that the metro project will now not only serve
Portal de Las Americas, in Kennedy, but will also continue to Bosa, extending the first line by 4km.