Free Download: Ultimate Rail Magazine

Free Download: Ultimate Rail Magazine

Frauscher Sensor Technology have kindly offered Metro Americas visitors the opportunity to download the latest edition of Ultimate Rail Magazine, outlining news on the latest projects and cutting edge technology developments.

Frauscher Sensor Technology

As an international leader in axle counting and wheel detection technology Frauscher Sensor Technology has been active in the Latin American market for some years now. By founding an own subsidiary in São Carlos in 2014, the Austrian company formed a team of experts on site in order to provide optimized service and high quality products.

In the interest of giving relevant information to customers, partners, system integrators and operators Frauscher serves its own customer magazine “Ultimate Rail”. Each edition is available in seven languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. The current issue covers interesting material about prior projects. Hereby, Frauscher gives information concerning possible data transfer solutions like wireless LAN, public networks, radio transmission and more.

Firsthand information about latest products

Besides project information and company news, the magazine Ultimate Rail provides the reader with information on current product developments. The most recent achievements have been developed with focus on seamless and flexible integration and interaction with higher level systems.

Three of these innovations have been proudly presented by Frauscher at the InnoTrans 2014: The second generation of the Frauscher Advanced Counter, FAdC R2, the Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE and the first Frauscher wheel sensor which will be available without an evaluation board: the RSR110.

“Ultimate Rail” – free download

Further details about current activities, special solutions, latest research results and products can be found on There, all issues of the Ultimate Rail can be downloaded for free! Tip: With a free subscription you won’t miss a single issue of Ultimate Rail – just fill out the form at the end of the site!