Medellin Chosen As Host City For The 2016 Metro LatAm Conference

Medellin Chosen As Host City For The 2016 Metro LatAm Conference

Governments, metro operators and leading technology innovators from all over Latin America will meet in Medellin in April 2016 to exchange experiences and identify strategies to improve urban transport in the region.

Medellin, recently voted the world’s most innovative city, has become a global example of infrastructure lead development. The city has invested heavily and created creative, ground-breaking solutions to increase urban integration and support social and economic development.

The elevated, two-line metro system has drawn the city peripheries closer and eased downtown congestion, while the world’s first commuter cable-car network has meant that previously excluded communities high up in the valley now have quick, cheaper access to the urban center. The latest innovations include the new tram route, which runs from downtown up into the hills to link to another new cable-car link.

Urban transport solutions continue to be at the heart of development in the region, with further tram lines planned and an extensive project linking popular local towns to Medellin also under consideration.

Medellin has demonstrated a commitment to expansion, improved passenger experience, innovation and the development of a fully integrated, multi-modal urban transport network.

These strategies and commitments provide an example to the region, and for this reason we consider Medellin the perfect choice to host Metro LatAm 2016.

Metro LatAm 2016 will bring together the leaders of Latin Americas most important urban transport projects, to identify the technology and strategies that can be deployed to improve the urban transport experiences of millions of people all over the continent.

The event, joint-hosted by experienced event company Energy Conference Network and Metro Americas, has been developed over the past six months in collaboration with senior managers from many of the key metros.

On 26 and 27 April, there will be a senior forum, featuring discussions and presentations from leading senior experts, including Manuel Wu, Director of Metro de Lima, and Ivelese Longhi, President of Metro DF in Brazil. The conference will explore the latest details on key regional projects, such as the planned metro in Bogota, while also exploring key technical issues in great detail, such as telecommunications, signalling and on-board technology.

On the third day of the event, attendees will be invited by Metro de Medellin to visit some of their latest projects and technology installations. This will provide a great learning opportunity and allow for further discussions.

Metro LatAm will enable Latin America’s urban transport leaders to identify the strategies and solutions to improve the lives of millions of commuters in the region.

If you have solutions you believe should be discussed at the event or if you would like to join Latin America’s leading transport experts at the event, please get in touch.

You can reach me at or visit the website for more details.