Construction Begins On Santo Domingo's First Commuter Cable Car Line

Construction Begins On Santo Domingo’s First Commuter Cable Car Line

Construction has begun on Santo Domingo’s first cable car line which will have five stations and run over five kilometres, and, according to government estimates, will benefit around 287,000 residents.

In an official government statement officials affirmed that the ‘Teleférico Santo Domingo’ will “to defend and dignify the lives of thousands of people living in La Barquita and its surroundings.”

URBE, the organization in charge of the civil works, began excavations at three key points along the cable car´s projected route, with concrete already poured for the columns at La Nueva Barquita station in Santo Domingo Norte.

Works are also underway at the cable car station close to Eduardo Brito Metro Station, where there will be a direct link to Metro Line 1.

Santo Domingo’s cable car will span five kilometers with five stations: Charles de Gaulle, Sabana Perdida, La Nueva Barquita, Los Tres Brazos and Gualey.

“One of the best examples of safety and good service in regards to aerial cable or metrocable systems can be found in the city of Medellin, Colombia, which will serve as a model for the installation of the Teleférico de Santo Domingo”, according to a Presidential communication.

The commuter cable car network in Medellin has proved very successful, with the city continuing to expand and increase coverage using simular technology.