Humala: Metro Lima's Line 2 Project The Most Important in Latin America

Humala: Metro Lima’s Line 2 Project The Most Important in Latin America

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala has described the Line 2 metro projects as “the most important construction in Latin America”, explaining that the US$5.658 billion project is part of a broader positive change in the country and that with this, Lima is now a modern global capital.

“This is the most important construction nowadays in Latin America, and [it is] one of the most important in the world,” the Humala explained, during a ceremony to announce the commencement of work on the project.

Explaining that in the past such projects in the country were unimaginable, the president proudly declared that Peru is “changing for the better”.

Line 2 will travel 35 kilometers from the East to the West of Lima, cutting journey times from 2 hours and 30 minutes to just 45 minutes.

The President outlined how the project had begun “from zero” with his administration launching feasibility studies, explaining that the new line will transport 1 million people per day and “directly create 3,000 jobs” with a further 8,000 indirectly.

The President was joined at the inauguration of work by the First Lady, Nadine Heredia; Finance minister, Alonso Segura; Labor and Job Promotion minister, Fredy Otarola and Transport and Communications minister, Jose Gallardo Ku.