Santo Domingo Metro Line 2 Tunnel Extension Works Complete

Santo Domingo Metro Line 2 Tunnel Extension Works Complete

The 3km Line 2 tunnel for the Santo Domingo Metro was completed on wednesday, with officials confirming that the project continues on track for an early 2016 completion.

Diandino Peña, Director of Opret (Transport Reform Office), explained that the construction of the tunnel has been one of the most complex phases of the project, which will link the east of the capital with the National District.

During a ceremony this week, the director explained that the next step will begin laying track; “A tunnel of such unprecedented geotechnical complexity had never been constructed in the Dominican Republic before.”

Diandino Peña revealed that to date the Government has paid $120 million on the Line 2 extension, with approximately 30% of the work complete.

Opret, however, insist that construction of the tunnel has been particularly complicated and that by reaching this important milestone shows the unity and commitment to the project, which they are confident will be important and a successful.

Peña noted that project contractors have contributed between $20 million and $25 million towards the project, which will have to be repaid.

Peña explained, “Contractors have carried on their shoulders the cost of financing via differential credit lines. It is a sign of the confidence contractors have in the government, and we expect that to continue until the end”.

The tunnel will link four stations and starts at Francisco del Rosario Sanchez (La 17) bridge to the station at the San Vicente de Paul, next to the Mendoza road. So far, in addition to the tunnel, an 800 meter suspension bridge across the Ozama River has also been completed.