Ayachucho Tram Rolling Stock Arrives in July

Ayachucho Tram Rolling Stock Arrives in July

Metro de Medellin head of planning Tomás Andrés Elejalde has confirmed that the first of twelve cars will be delivered in July for the Ayachu street metro project.

The rolling stock will consist of five cars, be 40 meters long, electrically operated, and have a capacity of 300 people. Tests have been ongoing in Strasbourg since mid-April, lead by French company NTL.

“There have been some measurements of the electrical parameters and vehicle mechanics. Acceleration and braking tests are also being undertaken in the same factory, if necesary, there will then be some adjustments and they will then be sent thoroughly tested and read before they arrive” Mr. Elejalde explained.

Once in Medellin, reassembly will be completed in two months, and then further tests will be undertaken. The process should be completed by the end of the year with 1,500 kilometers of testing, assessing bearing, acceleration and braking.

The tram vehicles, valued at 45,000 Euros, will arrive in batches of one or two. Ten trams are expected to be delivered by the end of the year, with a further two expected in March 2015.