Metro Americas: What Do We Do?

Metro Americas: What Do We Do?

Metro Americas is dedicated to forming an effective, senior community of rail and metro professionals, working together to identify industry solutions and allow for greater regional collaboration.

We regularly meet with railways, metros, governments and technology providers, to provide the latest news, tender information and industry insights into the key projects across the Americas and beyond.

The Metro Americas team has a shared commitment to help you acquire the information you need and meet the industry leaders to improve the way you work. If there is a project you would like to find out about get in contact, if you want to meet a senior manager or engineer from throughout the continent then let us know. Our team has worked closely for a number of years with the senior managers who are looking for the solutions you can provide or the insight you can deliver.

Metro Americas currently supports operators and technology suppliers across the region by:

  • Announcing new projects, sharing tender information and providing details of new projects for our rail and metro partners.
  • Providing a platform for industry leaders to share their views and analysis on the latest developments, through guest articles and exclusive interviews.
  • Promoting the latest technology innovations and solutions, developed and presented by our sponsors and technology partners.
  • Organizing technical workshops, meetings and conferences, to allow the region’s leading representatives to exchange ideas and enhance the region’s transport networks.

If you are looking to expand operations into a new country then we can work with you to compile a country assessment, introduce you to all of the key rail, metro and government officials, share details of your solutions and organize presentations with senior board members.

We hope you find this website useful and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Simon Edwards, C.E.O


Simon Edwards has extensive experience working with senior directors and engineers from railways, governments, metros and leading industry technology suppliers all over the world. He has lead many major projects in Russia, Brazil, Thailand, the United States and all over Europe, working in collaboration with organizations such as RZD Russian Railways, MetroRio, Bangkok Metro, the World Bank and the government of Brazil.

With a masters in Latin American development from the University of London, Simon has extensive international experience and a strong understanding of the public transportation sector. He has built partnerships with many of the region’s metro and rail network operators, and is able to provide unparalleled insight in regards to forthcoming tenders and business development opportunities.

Simon is dedicated to building collaboration between key take holders across the region, ensuring that Metro representatives are able to learn from their regional counterparts and that they have access to impartial information on the latest technology developments.

Simon leads Metro Americas management team, working with Julian to oversee website content and with Harold to develop and maximize opportunities for our partners.

Simon Edwards
Medellin, Colombia
Colombia: (+57) 3004489059
UK: (+44) 7929050544
(English, Español)

Harold Palacio, Business Development Manager


Harold Palacio is an experienced business development executive, who combines an excellent grasp of market trends with a strong background in journalism and large-scale logistics management. Working in the United States, Brazil, Colombia and the Caribbean, Harold has worked with some of the urban transportation industry’s largest technology suppliers to enhance their presence in the region.

An International Business graduate of the University of Medellin, Harold speaks fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese. He has also has extensive journalistic experience, producing articles that have been featured by the BBC, ESPN, South American Football and Colombia Reports.

In addition, Harold has provided support and guidance to FIFA during the organization of a number major international events. In 2014 he worked in Brazil to oversee the logistics of the 2014 World Cup and will continue to provide his experience up until the 2018 competition in Russia.

Project management experience, keen business acumen and a strong journalistic foundation means Harold is perfectly placed to manager Metro Americas regional partnerships.

Harold is responsible for working with company CEO Simon Edwards to bring together the region’s industry leaders and ensure Metro Americas supporters receive maximum value from the partnership with the organization.

Harold Palacio
South American Editor
Medellin, Colombia
United States: (+1)(954) 803-7944
Colombia: (+57) 3104335442
(English, Español, Português)

Julián Tabares, Senior Editor


Julián is an investigative journalist who has worked in the field for the past three years, predominantly for Colombia Reports, the leading dedicated English language news website in Latin America. Julián holds graduate degree in Social Communication, as well as post-graduate qualifications in Journalism from the Metropolitan Institute of Education.

Julián overseas and manages the Spanish language content for the website, conducting interviews and working closely with senior engineers and directors from throughout the content to ensure Metro Americas can provide the latest news and project details. As the pages Senior Editor he has been responsible for providing exclusive news and delivering excellent analysis of the region’s key projects.

Julián Tabares
Senior Editor
Medellin, Colombia
Colombia: (+57) 3136301396
(English, Español)